IntelliSoft mission is to deliver to our Customers, Innovated Integrated Business solutions based on Advanced Technologies and Professional Services, addressed to Small and Medium Enterprise.

IntelliSoft delivers its business through three divisions:

  • IT Business including:
    • IT Business Solutions
    • Hardware
    • Professional Services
  • Technical Training
  • Utilities' Solutions

Intellisoft is an ISV that offers innovative, reliable Networked IT business solutions through:

  • Development of customizable commercial business application and client-specific software solutions, addressed to Small and Medium Enterprise.
  • Our methodology is to work with our clients through the entire project, from basic strategy layout, design and implementation to deployment and maintenance. While maintaining high standards of professionalism and efficiency to ensure that projects are implemented on time and on budget.

  • Ready-made customizable packaged systems developed by Intellisoft:
  • Third party Applications from world-wide reliable and reputable suppliers:
  • IntelliSoft sells and support Microsoft products mainly windows desktop and servers, SQL Server and Exchange Server...


Intellisoft relies on reliable and high-performing full range of hardware to support its IT-based business solutions.

  • For computer systems (servers, PCs, laptops) and peripherals (printers, scanners, etc...) we offer HP Products
  • For active components of the our Networking Solutions we offer Cisco products (switches, routers, wireless access point, firewall etc...)
  • For Structured Cabling passive components we rely on Premium Line products.

IntelliSoft offers a range of cost-effective professional services in Information Systems, IT Networking, Software Project Management, and Technical Support.

  • IT Consulting Services
    Consulting Services rely on senior high level consultants who have proven experience in Information Systems, IT Networking skills, and Software Project Management. more...
  • IT Networking Services
    Intellisoft provides design, development and integration services , for your mobile or wired network. We offer:
    • Network assessment, planning and design Services
    • Network integration Services
    • Network Management and Support Services  more...
  • Implementation Services Our implementation methodology is based on key project planning elements such as: goal-directed, planned, evaluated and result-oriented. more...
  • Technical Support
    IntelliSoft provides high-quality and cost-effective technology support solutions to companies. Intellisoft can reengineer, supplement, or completely manage your company's helpdesk or technical support services. more...
Intellisoft supports companies, universities, vocational schools and educational institutions by an extensive offer of technical training seminars, teaching material and equipment in every stage of technical training.
Intellisoft offering spans:
  • We offer through our partner Bosch-Rexroth training products, specialised in Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Automation, that comprise Laboratory Training Systems and Equipment, technical specialized books, interactive training programs.
  • Training courses addressed to the needs of technical professionals, and non-technical end-users. They cover:
    • Using, operating and managing Intellisoft Systems
    • Using, operating and Managing SebaKMT, Vivax-Metrotech and Megger products
    • Courses are offered, locally or through our suppliers Training Centers.
    • Training objectives could be: Installation, Commissioning, Programming, Maintenance, and Trouble Shooting.

Intellisoft offers a wide range of solutions covering the following Utilities:
  • Power Networks
    Intellisoft offers through its Partner SebaKMT a range of products and solutions covering low, medium and high-voltage networks:
    • Cable Fault Location (Vans and Portable Systems)
    • Cable Testing
    • Cable Diagnosis
    • Quality testing
    • Cable & phase identification
    • Sheath testing
    • Earth fault locating
  • Water Networks
    Intellisoft through its partner SebaKMT, offers products and systems that allow efficient water leakage detection:
    • Monitoring
    • Pressure & flow measurement
    • Noise level & frequency logger
    • Correlators
    • Ground microphone & tracer gas equipment
    • Leak Detection Van
  • Communication Networks

    We offer products and equipment for Cable fault detection in communication networks where we use a compact and very powerful reflectometer suitable for measurements on power, telecom and pilot cables.

    our partners SebaKMT and Megger offer complementary ranges of reflectometers allowing detailed measurements in the very near range and the maximum range of 3km with Megger TDR 500 and 30 km with SebaKMT Digiflex Com.

  • Line and Object Locators
    The Vivax-Metrotech line location systems allow your staff to quickly and reliably find cables nad Pipes, identify the exact route and gain a comprehensive view of the network.
    • Pipe, Cable and Marker Location
    • Fiber Optic Location
    • Metal Detection
    • Cable Fault Location
    • Pipeline Defect Mapping
    • Plastic Pipe/Duct (Sonde) Location
  • CCTV Sewer/Duct Inspection
    We offer through our partner Vivax-Metrotech equipment with the simplest and best value-for-money method for locating and measuring the depth of sondes or camera heads. Even unpracticed users can quickly and intuitively learn how to operate the entire location system. We offer:
    • Sonde and pipeline locating system
    • Sewer pipeline camera inspection systems

For more information please contact

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Beirut 2034-9409 Lebanon

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